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SHR model

All our IPL elight SHR machines use UK Firstlight lamps, which function best for Chinese machines.
Our SHR machines use best highest energy output 2,000W power supply of Beijing Dazhi.

SHR, 1 handle of fixed filter 640nm  US$1,800.00
SHR-IPL 7 filters, 1 handle, SHR IPL in same hand piece, 610nm 640nm 690nm for SHR, other filters for normal IPL functions,     USD$ 1,800.00  
ESHR, 1 handle, SHR with RF in same hand piece,   US$1,900.00 
SHR-ELIGHT 7 filters, 1 handel, SHR Elight in same hand piece, 610nm 640nm 690nm for SHR, other filters for normal IPL functions,     USD$ 1,950.00  
ESHR+RF, 2 handles,           US$2,000.00
SHR+IPL, 2 handles,            US$2,150.00
SHR+SSR, 2 handles,           US$2,150.00  
ESHR+ESSR, 2 handles,       US$2,250.00   
ESHR+Elight, 2 handles,      US$2,300.00   
SHR+ELIGHT+RF, 3 handles,     US$2,450.00
SHR+SHR+Elight, 3 handles     USD 2,650.00
above are portable prices, vertical model:    PLUS + USD 300      
with 250W yag laser function: PLUS +  USD 600
with 500W yag laser function: PLUS +  USD 800
light guide upgrades from quartz to real sapphire:    PLUS + USD 130/handle

The prices are not negotiable, we support free extra parts (not include consume motive parts) to our machine distributors.
All our distributors always have enough stock of parts.
We don't lose distributors for bad services or bad quality.
In emergency case, we are one of the very few Chinese suppliers which have DHL small package door to door quichest service.
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