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     LDD-50-24 300mm*156mm*65mm



    Output current


    Maximum output voltage


    Current range

     0A-50A         Load: ≤50%

    voltage range


    Current accuracy


    Current rise time


    Current fall time



    voltage range


    Frequency Range


    Input peak current

     20A@220VAC      Load:50A-24V 

    Start pulse current













     Protection mode: turn off the output and resume after restart 




     Protection mode: turn off the output and resume after restart 

    Over temperature



     Protection mode: turn off the output, and automatically recover after the temperature drops 


    Operating temperatur

     Normal temperature 


    Working humidity

     20-90% non-condensing 


    Storage temperature, humidity



    Pin #  Pin Name  Function description
    P1  —Enable  Enable, active low
    P2, P3  —NC  
    P4  —GND/VREF(-)  Current reference ground
    P5, P6  —NC  
    P7  —VREF(+)  Current reference (0-4.5V)
    P8  —Pulse  Working pulse, high level effective
    P9, P11, P15  —12V(-)  Auxiliary power output negative
    910, P12  —NC,  
    913, P14  —12V(+)  Auxiliary power source output positive
    (DC12V @ 200mA)

    LDD-50-24 &PFC 100-240V is 50% more expensive than LDD-50-24 200-240V, the factory owner self says LDD-50-24 is OK
    The unique difference is that with &PFC the ps can be used in all countries of 110V and 220V. If you are willing to pay 50% more, we can sell it to you.

    LDD-50-20 接口DB13和6P两种都可以指定或只有6P?这款只有6P的因为没有位置

    this power supply is for 50A diode laser(1-12bar,macro channel and micro channel),
    24V is the max voltage,It does not mean that it always outputs 24V,the voltage will change automatically according to the number of bar


Beijing SS diode laser power supply LDD-50-24 220V 110V Laser Diode Driver

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