Shipping & Returns

return instruction
Please return package to below address,
company: Hangzhou SG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: A-2005, Xinqingnian Guangchang, 259 Shangtanglu, Gongshuqu

City: Hangzhou
Zip code: 310014
Country: China
Contact person: Mr. Yue Hua Meng
Telephone number:
0086 177 6710 9697
Please don't forget to send me tracking bill copy photo to see clearly tracking number and all what you fill in.
Please declare diode laser stack as print head for 3D printer of unit value USD 15.

For small package of other spare parts, you may use slow cheap post office service like below,

return from Japan

Por favor envíanos paquete según la instrucción del enlace

Please open the hand piece to take the diode laser stack out, return it to us, declared as printer parts, USD 10.

双清:shipment via special route and third part forwarder, takes one week more than usual international express, the importer doesn't have to pay customs duties 本来想用DDP 但是实际上是逃税的 不是税已替进口商支付 双清老外也不会懂 再则双支 中国的清关老外丝毫不关心

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