Payment 付款

November 08, 2021, Hangzhou.
For the customers who want to pay by Paypal:
Paypal charges 4.5% commission and another 2% to withdraw the money from Payapl to bank acount, the sellers have to add 4.5% on base of goods value.
With payments via Alibaba, we send payment request link to the buyer.
The buyers have to register in both Paypal and Alibaba, both of them accept credit card, with Alibaba the buyers save 4.5%.

诸位,有客户要用PAYPAL支付的时候,给PAYPAL和阿里巴巴两个选项,PAYPAL贵4.5%,因此许多客户会选择阿里巴巴,阿里巴巴收款对我们有利得多 切记

Western Union
The payment of one order can also divide into 2 payments, example 30% one payment, to show customs, 70% another payment
Some bank has computer Internet bank or mobile application, you may make payment of WU with your computer or mobile phone

Please do us the big favor to pay through Alibaba payment link, because with the bank system the third part financing institution takes us 3-5 days to receive the money, while with Alibaba we only need one day to receive the money. The recent years our accounts in different banks were closed one by one, but we only want to do some legal small businesses. For the moment payments through Alibaba, Western Union, Money Gram are the best forms for us. If you help us be quicker, it is same to help your orders in our company to be handled more quickly by us. Thanks for your understanding.

Por favor haznos el gran favor de pagar por medio del enlace de pago de Alibaba, porque con el sistema bancario, nos cuestan 3-5 días para recibir el dinero, mientras con Aliababa el segundo día podemos recibir el dinero. Gracias.

We cannot receive each payment more than USD 5000, for more than USD 5000, we will send you more links, please understand and help.
No podemos recibir cada pago más de USD 5.000, para más de USD 5.000, tendremos que enviarte más enlaces, por favor entiende y ayuda.
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