RMB account frozen case 人民币账户冻结

Please ask your currency exchange agent in China to pay RMB by WeChat or AliPay.

Since every Chinese has WeChat and AliPay in mobile phone, it is question that the agent is willing or not willing to help, with the personal bank accounts of the different names even the agents self don't know who they are but only do the payments without caring about the frozen cases, if they can take money to anyone nearby, every one can pay us by WeChat or AliPay.

From the year 2020 the police began to freeze personal bank accounts, we still have many personal accounts and much money frozen.
Although almost all agents say the money is clean and safe, most of the times the payments of RMB through personal bank accounts were frozen.

If your agent can contact us directly, we can more intuitively understand his concerns and answer him.

April 17, 2021
Before you ask the agent to pay RMB, please ask them to make sure that the receiver's personal account won't be frozen by police.

March 20, 2021
Dear Customers,

Please try your best to pay only USD or EUR by bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union or Alibaba.
If you still ask some Chinese payer to do the payment of RMB, please note that millions of personal accounts have been frozen by Chinese po-lice for this kind of payments.
If your Chinese payer's money is involved in gambling, fraud and money laundering, which let the po-lice freeze our account half year or 1-2 years or more years, we won't send you goods or return you the money untill the money is UNfrozen, because our accounts were frozen 4 times, some money was frozen, we cannot bear more losses, the same happens with many bosses we have been knowing.

January 16, 2021
The customers who ask some Chinese to pay us RMB, please make sure of secure and legal payment route to avoid the supplier's account frozen case.
Millions of exporters' personal accounts have been frozen by the cop of the remote provinces, which brings big loss of the buyers and the sellers, for the reason that they doubt the payer's money is mixted with gambling, fraud and money laundering.
Please never let the payer write 货款 payment for goods!! It is a big risk.
It is good to make each payment of small amount, much better than one payment of big amount.
Please ask your Chinese payer to read these web pages

义乌“冻卡风波”仍在持续 外贸人如何应对?_账户 (sohu.com)


https://u.nu/edl4f 义乌商户“冻卡”风波:第三方打款易被利用,受“断卡”行动波及

https://u.nu/n92d5 义乌商户“冻卡”风波:“涉案”2000块、冻结40万,“自愿交钱”了事?

https://u.nu/xp75t 外贸冻卡外贸公司也有责任吗?
https://u.nu/af0c5 义乌致全国各地公安机关的一封信(冻结账户的执法建议)

https://u.nu/vjs6h 浙江义乌:银行账户被冻结事件频发,外贸收款需要注意哪些?

http://t.cn/A65L2SC4 义乌发布!拒绝高风险货款支付方式!

http://t.cn/A65ZpjHu 打击网络赌博,倒下的是没有参赌的外贸小商户

And search more more information in Google or Baidu.
After receiving your RMB payment, we will keep it and begin to use/transfer it from later the next day to avoid more related accounts to be frozen.

1. 用干系不大的别人的余额为零的卡号 2. 告诉老外一定要向地下钱庄代理人问清楚 并得到保证 国内的汇款是干净的 3. 告诉老外 如果账号被冻结 他支付的钱 我们到解冻时再退回或抵充为货款 4. 收款后,放两天,没有被冻结再转到别的账上
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