diode laser stack warranty

The key is clean, stable water, which is formed by the filter https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Water-filter-Integrated-PPF-water-filter_1600656025072.html?spm=a2700.shop_plgr.41413.54.76c23e5f6ZhQEm and a powerful and stable water pump, better with the Italian pump https://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/italian-pump-p0720.html, or this stable Chinese pump P603724N00 https://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/high-lift-24v-dc-brushless-centrifugal-home-brewing-cider-pump-p0710.html, those of DP60 https://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/search/?Keyword=dp-60 are noisy and break more. The diode modules break by themselves are very few, but more by the water circuit.
Please take photo of the water pump, most problems are from unstable water pump, also the filter should be changed every 3 or 6 months.

https://youtu.be/RoaWaBMaiFY The advantage of the Fluido pump is that it can be automatically adjusted.
When the waterway resistance is large, the flow rate of the P603724N00 water pump will become smaller.
When the resistance of the waterway is large, it will automatically increase the power to maintain the flow rate.
At the same flow rate, the current of the Fluido pump is only half of that of the P603724N00 pump.

La clave es el agua limpio, estable, lo cual se realiza por filtro https://www.sg-hz.com/water-filter-10-microns-p0788.html y una bomba de agua potente y estable, mejor con la bomba italiana https://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/italian-pump-p0720.html, o esta bomba china estable https://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/high-lift-24v-dc-brushless-centrifugal-home-brewing-cider-pump-p0710.html, las de DP60 son ruidosas y se rompen más. Los módulos de diodo se rompen apenas por si mismos, sino más por el circuito de agua.

Return instruction https://www.ipl-elight-shr.com/art/return.html :
Please return package to below address, to save money, you may use post office, please note every country should have post office.
Address: A-309, Xinqingnian Guangchang, 259 Shangtanglu, Gongshuqu
City: Hangzhou
Zip code: 310014
Country: China
Contact person: Mr. Yue Hua Meng
Telephone number: 0086 187 6708 9773
Please don't forget to send me tracking bill copy photo to see clearly tracking number and all what you fill in.

Please declare the laser stack as printhead with the value USD 15.
Укажите лазерную стопку как печатающую головку стоимостью 15 долларов США.

Sólo por oficina de correo, declarado como cabezal de impresión, USD 15/piece
Al contrario, tendremos que presentar justificante del valor del producto y pagar 30-40% aranceles a la aduana china

国外有返修的手柄,整个手柄退回越来越难,海关经常可能让收货人出示价格证明,有清关费用,而且需要交进口税。其中一个办法就是客户把激光器拆出来,单独把激光器返回,目标小许多,运费少大半,也能避免关税。李工,安装,也就是拆开手柄, 取出激光器视频讲解 注意点 有无?
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