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IPL and yag laser xenon lamp warranty

For any problem please send us photos and/or videos first.

yag laser / pico laser xenon lamp
Did the pico laser hand piece have low energy output from beginning or how many shots have used?
Maybe some xenon lamps have problems, you may try to replace the xenon lamp, this kind of lamp is very cheap, doesn't mean are very bad, because the double expensive ones of Beijing Ncrieo also have same percentage of problems.
Do you have stock of these lamps?
We may give you some lamps for free for this problem percentage, also please buy and keep some xenon lamps by yourself. nd yag laser and pico laser hand piece calibration
After changing the xenon lamp, every time please calibrate as in the video.

Hundreds of machine factories use special small quantity parts, this is not big and stardard industry, water cooling system, water purity and preignition hight tension all these factors affects the lamp usage, in almost all the cases the lamp producers like Beijing Ncrieo, UK Firstlight y German Heraeus don't admit their problems nor give warranty. You may return me the bad lamps and I send them to the producer for possible warranty. But till now they only have given 2-3 times warranty in the past 10 years.
In 99% cases the main machine, the hand piece, the preignition, the water cooling, the water circuit, the pollution in the water damage the lamps of UK Firstlight lamps, in less than 1% cases English lamps break for themsevles. Please take out the whole lamp and send us good photos to study.
The lamps the pollution in water may burn and make the whole lamp black, while the lamp self become black only in 2 poles if the lamps self are bad.
After using thousands of UK lamps, we see only 0.1% are bad, it is possible to have 2 lamps among very few lamps you bought broke, while a same bad machine may cause most or all bad cases, please drain all the water to observe water or observe if the water cuicuit of the machine become very small, stops or pauses.
Almost no one lamp producer will admit their problem in this case.

how many shots is usually asked and answered question, in fact even a normal basic quality xenon lamp of Beijing Ncrieo with Chinese quartz can reach 150,000-500,000 shots in IPL elight shots till cannot use.
the sells and distributors cannot tell a longest lifespan if many lamps cannot reach the lifespan, the end users will complain if the lamps have short lifespan, but when a lamp is used 500,000-1,000,000 shots during years, they keep silent, won't tell the sellers nor appreciate.
80,000-100,000 shots normal life span, in fact also some lamps in some cases also can reach 200,000-300,000 shots, just use the lamps till cannot use.

some possible reasons which let the lamp break
1. fissure on the lamp, problem of the lamps self, very few.
2. soldering on both sides of the lamp, this is a basic problem that a technician should be good at soldering and be careful.
3. all the connectors should have both hand piece male half part and female main machine half part well soldered and shielded with silicone like the photo in this link
4. use better IPL SHR power supplies of Beijing Dazhi, Beijing Flysec which cause least simmer problems
5. a powerful stable water pump is always most important to cool and protect the lamp, we used MP-15, MP-20, DC50H-1265, now we use the pump DC50H-12150S It is a "risk" to do repair and replacement service to some low parameter machines, people always see the lamp breaks, never see other parts cause the lamp break.
6. most of Chinese IPL SHR yag laser machines don't use filter, When contaminant or particle pass the water circuit out of the lamp, they may burn for high energy flash and stay on the surface of lamp quartz tube, which also may damage the lamp.

lámparas de yag laser
1. las lámparas inglesas, pedido de ejemplo, una lámpara vale más de USD 200, hay que esperar 12 semanas, quiere decir, apenas hay compraventa, sí que hemos revendido unas veces, claro por el precio y la fecha de entrega, no se puede vender muchas
2. con las lámparas de Beijing Ncrieo, en teoría las lámparas hechas de la línea de producción automática tienen que ser mejores, resulta que el caso de lámparas para ND yag laser, hemos encontrado más casos de una y unas partidas malas, no son nada mejores que las lámparas más baratas hechas a mano
3. casi todos los manípulos chinos de ND yag laser usan las lámparas baratas de USD 35-45, no son tan malas, puede que alguna partida no es buena, la solución es cambiar a usar las de otra partida, las malas partidas son pocas.

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