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Lead Time

Lead Time:

Machine: 7 work days
Spare part: In stock o Check with us 

For xenon lamp:

We have around 500 lamps in stock and try to invest more, but among so many sizes, for each size, 
not so many quantity.  
The buyers who purchase 15 20 50 100 lamps/sizes mostly have to pay in advance and wait for the 
lead time of each lamp producer.  
For every lamp that you buy, please tell clearly the sizes and quantity and we tell you the lead time.  

For example, if we send you a lamp of Beijing Ncrieo in one week, it means we sold all the stock lamps 
of these sizes and paid Ncrieo at least 10 lamps of the same sizes and 2-3 weeks ago.  
Because the minimum quantity of Ncrieo are 10 pcs and 2-3 weeks are needed to produce. 

January 28, 2016 will be Chinese Spring Festival.
The days from January 24 to February 06 will affect the shipments and the domestic transport and parts supply will begin to be affected a little even from January 15.
We may talk about orders every day, but the shipments won't be done during January 24 to February 06.
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